Only Love can kill and keep you alive to feel it.

You will fall in love with a broken person, at least once in your life. It happens to everyone. The odds are stacked against us that somebody or something will have gotten there first and wrenched somebody’s affection apart and left scars in those things we call our hearts. And the broken person you love will be hesitant and skittish and nervous, but that doesn’t mean they deserve any less love just because they’re afraid of being burned again.


You know what’s heartbreaking?
Its not when you don’t get what you want. And not even when somebody hurts you. Also not when expectations crash downhill. Its when you undergo a downfall and refuse to get up. When you refuse to try it again. When you just sit there and weep over your broken pieces. Waiting for a miracle to happen. So that you need not see the pain of joining those billion pieces to make yourself whole.
Its when you give up on yourself. When you start self sympathizing. When you start giving others a chance to put you down. When you loose all hope of filling that void. But you know what? Its okay. Its okay to cry over your broken pieces, but its not okay to leave them like that. Its okay to be scared, but its not to loose strength. Its okay to love again. But this time fall harder. Fall deeper that you can never get over it. Because this time fall in love with yourself. Because what you can’t do for yourself you can’t expect someone else to do for you.
And yes its okay to get your heart broken. Its not okay to stay heartbroken.

As there are different depths to love, I believe there are different depths to heartbreak. It only makes sense that the shallowest of loves leaves the shallowest of cracks, while the deepest of loves causes our hearts to undergo a sort of shattering. Love might be all that you think it is… but it can’t save damaged people.
I’ve been in love with a broken person. And I’ve been the broken person.
So trust me when I say this that no good can come out of loving someone who can’t handle it.

But you will love them, no matter how much you try not to. No matter how much you say you don’t. You’ll watch as they pull themselves further down, and sometimes drag you down too. They’re not trying to, but between keeping you at a distance and not knowing how to love you back, even if they want to, there’s a whole host of complications that bubble up when a broken person is loved by someone else.

Eventually, one of two things will happen. They let you in, bit by bit, and you learn slowly how to let them fix themselves; or you lick your wounds and move on. One is not more or less noble than the other. One hurts a little more. One is a little more rare. Both have the potential of breaking you. Both have the potential for you to learn that love is not something you force upon someone and demand they return, but something that you have to offer freely. Something that nobody’s obligated to accept. Whether or not they’re ready to take it. And if they’re not ready, then they’re not ready.
All you can do is love them. All you can do is be there for them. And if you’re lucky, they will learn to love you, too.