Love: there are few words that come with more complexity than this one. Not many words can make someone’s day brighter while simultaneously putting someone else into a deep depression. When you hear this word your head can start to spin along with your stomach, your knees can maybe buckle and you can be overwhelmed by a feeling of intense warmth. Love, if unrequited, still triggers very strong emotional feelings and reactions but for very different reasons.

Seeing you takes my breath away.You know I know I love you. Don’t tell anybody. I never knew I needed love until I thought you didn’t love me anymore.

“Every person falls in love with someone so deeply at some part of their lives that they can live the rest of their life meaningfully with that person.”

Maybe GOD writes a love story in everyone’s chapter of LIFE. Its early for some and later for some other. But its definitely written. So now, a true heart says – “I too had a love story”. Why not travel in love for sometime with this story!


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