Hopeless Crush.

We often fall in love in the most hopeless places!
The only love I know and approve is unconditional love, and relationship on the basis of such strong feelings should be about – giving everything you have and not expecting anything in return!
Having a constant fear of losing the other one and eternally missing them, because you want them to be with you for most of the time, by your side!
You don’t get into a relationship, to show the world that yes, you love her, you get into a relationship, and make her, your world!

And the toughest of all, doing what’s best for them, even if it means your absence!


A feeling full of bliss and disappointment. 
A pain too tough to tolerate.
He’d never expect her to love him back.
For him she was like what an ocean is to a coastal city, his life revolved around her life.
Waiting for her replies was his favourite job, what else could such a hopeless person do?
She was the final, completing piece of his heart, while he was just another piece buried in her inbox.
He was a broken man, and her smile was his medication, he always wanted her to smile.
He would always pray for her peace and satisfaction, her needs came before his needs.
To be loved by her and see her smile, were his only wishes!
Why would he even ask for more? 
She was his hopeless crush, 
who gave him hope, to love once more in life!

Do you remember how we spoke to each other everyday?
And the days we didn’t, we always felt that void?
I still remember how I feared the fact that if we spoke to each other on a daily basis,the way we were talking at that point of time,we would get used to each other, and later it would affect the both of us.
Still, you said it didn’t matter to you.
You said talking to me made your day.
I was extremely important to you.
I warned you.You didn’t listen to me.
More than anything, I wanted to keep a distance from you because I realized I started to fall for you, more than what I did when I first knew you.
But for your sake,I let everything go on the way it was.
I shouldn’t have had.
Because now, I am stuck at such a point where I can’t see myself falling in love with anyone else again. Even if I do, I know that there is a way I loved you and I will never be able to give that amount of love to anyone else again.
Even though you know how I feel about you, you pretend like nothing is wrong.
And that pain kills me.

Now, I actually wish we hadn’t ever met.

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