You’ll always find me here.

Oh, this is not any declaration by a broken heart neither is it something random. This is what I write after having the sudden flashbacks. Sometimes I’m fine for days and I can focus on what I have, and sometimes nature plays with me in its own way, and I wake up as if I met you yesterday only.
And I rarely get to sleep. Trust me.


I know her heart, I know it will disturb her current relationship and I don’t want her to break-up now. I want her to be happy and love for everyday of her life. Watching her makes my day, and I love her with all I have. Always and forever.

Believe me, my heart does two summersaults whenever I see her. 
I don’t know, if she cares about my existence or not, but deep down I have been believing that my existence doesn’t bother her. Maybe I don’t want to admit it. 
She moved on too soon, or maybe I’m too late.

Its not one sided, I know her. 
I broke her heart, because I had no other choice. I tried to mend it, but its too late. 
Don’t worry, I didn’t cheat ever. I had to let you go, I had no choice, your happiness was always above mine. I’m sorry, but I have still not given you the truth.

I’m stuck with her memories and the love which never gets off my heart and mind. I often visit the place we first met at very odd timings, and I walk through those beaches at 4 in the morning. I almost feel her there, walking beside me. Trust me when I say this, I can imagine her hugging me as the cold wind blows through my hair. 
She is everything I am made up of, my sorrows, my secrets, my joy and my every emotion. And I don’t know if I will ever cross your mind, and the truth is that she moved on too soon. 
And people tell me, screw the promise I made to her and start with someone better, but I can’t. 
I can’t move on. She is the only one I’ll love in this life and every other life.

I don’t know if she doesn’t come back this week, month, year, life or form. I’m in love with her, and I’m going to hell with this promise. I’m not giving up too soon. There are better than her and they existed even when I had her, I didn’t care back then and I won’t now. She is the only fish in the only sea I got.

I’m ready to die little by little day by day. Cry a few more days, but I won’t let any scar come over her faith in my love and our promise.
It hurts so bad, knowing that its been days now and she has still not left my heart and I have not broken our promise, while she is already going out with someone else.
To many, this doesn’t make sense and it can be so tough to make them believe that my heart is invested in her. But I believe in it, day in and day out.

I’ll love her, until i die, and even if there is any portion of me that is still alive, it will still love her and no one else. That’s my type of commitment and love.

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